ELECTRICS BY Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking

Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking white, … the whiteness of purity, cleanliness, precision, printing rooms, …

For decades, Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking has been producing HMI keypads, with or without a cup. This know-how, which consists of depositing conductive and/or insulating ink by screen printing, to complex the materials and to integrate components, is fully mastered.

Technology monitoring has gradually guided us towards printed electronics (we are a member of AFELIM, the French association of printed electronics). The progress made with nanoparticles in recent years has allowed us to achieve refinements in screen printing hitherto impossible to imagine. These refinements pave the way for a new type of sensor that will transform control and surveillance.


Decor plates, company nameplates, front panels, overlays, keyboards, stickers, stripping, in-Mold, doming, etc. Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers a wide range of products.

Screen, digital, offset printing, custom marking, … net, laser, punch-matrix, digital table, machining for cutting, … folding, shaping, assembly, specific packaging, …, light table control, unitary microscope control, dark room, … Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking certainly has the process that suits you.

Working in metal (aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc.) and plastics (PC, PP, PET, ABS, PVC, etc.), Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers its customers a wide range of products and know-how … and therefore solutions.

Screen printing offers the best opacity / productivity / UV resistance compromise. The plentiful ink deposit ensures an unparalleled intense effect, in both matt and glossy finishes.

Forming plastics under the combined action of heat and pressure … the numbers speak for themselves: a key of a cold-formed keyboard is guaranteed for 10,000 presses, a key of a hot-formed keypad is guaranteed for 1,000,000 presses …

Cold or hot, the lamination of special materials (chrome, iridescent, magnetic, etc.) produces flat areas of high quality at lower cost.

All ADHEX DÉCORATION products are checked before shipment, but some products require special attention … keyboards, sensors, displays, etc., are subjected to a series of electrical and luminous tests (impedance, transmittance, etc.)

Gluing without interfering, fixing without degrading, …, ADHEX DÉCORATION offers a whole range of solutions to make a product adhesive only on the pertinent parts of the substratum.


Low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, there is a product that corresponds to each voltage at Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking …

Autonomous emergency exit lighting systems (BAES) in diffusant PC, HMI / overlay for control room, embossed aluminium plate for transformer stations (MORTAL DANGER / MAN ELECTROCUTED / etc.). The dual metal/plastic control allows Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking to cover all electrical and gas needs.

Project: The regulations covering autonomous emergency lighting are very strict: the colour spectrum is weak, compliance with transmittance is mandatory; Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking has developed a step-by-step procedure for validation of colours to achieve the correct final outcome, which is the result of the superposition of layers of ink … repeatability.