Luxury is a world apart, a universe of excellence, of desire, of beauty. A universe where perfection is the norm. To enhance these exceptional products, every detail is critical. The entire environment must be on the same page: stoppers, flasks, boxes, POS, advertising, etc., each component helps to reveal the image and translate the values.


Screen, offset, digital, laser printing, matt and/or glossy, rigid or flexible, thick (several mm) or thin (a few microns), the wide range of the company’s know-how caters for every whim.

Screen printing offers the best opacity / productivity / UV resistance compromise. The plentiful ink deposit ensures an unparalleled intense effect, in both matt and glossy finishes.

Digital printing allows for all graphical whims: four-colour process, relief, scalable and unique texts and images … it is also the ideal tool for printing in small quantities, or prototyping.

Essentially on metal, with punch-matrix tools or with a stabilised master plate, embossing ensures durability of logos and texts, and enables all style effects.

Cold or hot, the lamination of special materials (chrome, iridescent, magnetic, etc.) produces flat areas of high quality at lower cost.

Laser cutting frees the customer from the often heavy investment in specific tools. Another advantage, on PMMA type plastic materials, it polishes the edge while cutting the part… brilliance ensured.


KERDAINO makes the “Point-Of-Sale-ists” a double offer, rare on the market, which includes both PEEL-OFFs in PC or PET, in solid colours, chrome, gold, adhesives, which resist the fragrance of perfume, and ALUMINIUM FACADES, in large glossy, stoned, matt, ruffled, etc.


All types of cuts are possible (net, punch, shear, laser, machining), as are bending, embossing, and shaping.


KERDAINO’s organisation makes it possible to respond quickly to requests, an asset in this environment where urgency is a daily occurrence…


Project: In the POS field, whether tabletting or injection, peel-offs of the same range can be glued on modules of different colours, albeit that the rendering must be identical. KERDAINO brings its know-how to the treatment of under-layers to ensure the uniformity of the visuals once in place… aesthetics.